Jessica Harvey-Carroll

Postdoctoral researcher


Jessica completed her PhD in 2022, researching the effects of developmental stress on post-natal circadian rhythms, and is now a post-doctoral researcher studying animal behaviour and physiology. Her research interests lie in welfare, novel behavioural assays, biologging and stress physiology.
She is working with the spatial marine lab to analyse complex diving data of juvenile loggerhead turtles. She is currently leading biologging projects with Loggerhead turtles, and Temmincks Ground Pangolin (supported by the Rufford foundation). She is also researching multiple aspects of Swedish seals: 1) quantifying welfare in lactating harbour seals (funded by the wild animal initiative) 2) eDNA analysis of harbour seal diet and 3) quantifying epigenetic modifications of the immune system of Baltic grey seals in response to environmental pollutants. Finally she is leading research on Whale sharks in the Maldives.
Key words: Telemetry, Biologging, Camera traps, Animal Behaviour, Conservation






Unitat de Zoologia Marina
Parc Científic de la Universitat de València
Calle Catedrático José Beltrán 2,
46980 Paterna (València), Spain